Continuity throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic

During these uncertain, worrying times, we want to give our clients the reassurance that we have the ability to continue operations in the event of an enforced office closure.

We have remote access to our computer systems, and emails. So, over the next coming days, we will be trialling working from home with our team to ensure preparedness.

Should a closure take place, our phone lines will be diverted to our Directors’ mobile phones. Please be patient if you are trying to contact us by phone as we will need to arrange for contact back from the relevant departments.

Please bear in mind that Insurers will be in the same position, and are likely to divert all their manpower to claims departments. Therefore, delays in service cannot be avoided in these unprecedented circumstances.

To ensure the protection of our team, and clients, Firth & Scott are adopting the following measures with immediate effect:

  • No clients or other visitors will be permitted to enter our office
  • We will not be making visits to see clients other than in exceptional circumstances (for example – a significant claim)
  • Any deliveries or mail for the office will be asked to be dropped at the intercom
  • To plan for a potential delay or halting of the postal service, we encourage all clients who don’t already to provide us with an email address to do so to allow us to send documents electronically
  • We will no longer be accepting cash or cheque payments, as these have to be taken to the post office

We appreciate that some of our clients may already be self isolating and are conscious of the potential restrictions for over 70s. If your usual contact with us is face-to-face, or you cannot pay your premium by card or transfer – please call us to discuss this, and we can propose an individual solution.

We at Firth & Scott do not want our clients to be left without Insurance cover because they are not able to leave their homes, so please get in touch. If you are unable to contact us yourself, please ask a representative (such as family member, or friend) to do so.

Wishing everyone good health,

The Team at Firth & Scott