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Farewell, Mr. Allwright

Many of our clients and associates will know that Firth & Scott prides itself on being a 100% owned and managed, family business. Sadly, on the 23rd of August, we lost Derek Allwright, who is widely regarded as the ‘founding father’ of Firth & Scott. (Despite being neither Firth or Scott!) More > "Farewell, Mr. Allwright"

Has the way you work changed? Keep your business Cyber secure.

Our way of working has transformed across the nation over the past five months. Irregular working patterns, virtual offices, increased email use, “clouds”, and video conferencing have become the norm. App-based platforms such as the renowned “Zoom” and “Microsoft Teams” alike, host instant messaging services, cloud-sharing of files, and, of course, the video call. The increased popularity of these platforms has resulted in a large number of cyber breach reports. More > "Has the way you work changed? Keep your business Cyber secure."