What is an Advised Sale?


Do you know the difference between an advised and non-advised sale?

An advised sale is where your demands and needs are assessed by a broker who then gives advice and recommendations which are tailored accordingly.

With a non-advised sale, no assessment of your needs would be made or recommendation given. Only information is provided and it is up to you to decide how to proceed from there.

If you buy insurance though a broker they will make sure you understand it so that in the event of a claim it actually works. If the broker does not explain the contract to you adequately then you do have legal recourse against them. If you purchase insurance via a non advised sale you do not.

Firth & Scott only give advised sales and would always recommend that you only purchase insurance by this method for your own protection. Insurance is complex and the consequences of it going wrong could be catastrophic.

What advice will you get from Firth & Scott?

It is easy to compare prices, but not all insurance is the same. At Firth & Scott we’ll give you advice on various insurance products comparing their features and explaining their pros and cons.

We do so in the following ways:

  • Assess your demands and needs and provide recommendations accordingly
  • Advise on policy benefits and features
  • Select the correct levels and types of cover
  • Assess your Business Interruption or Loss of Rent requirements
  • Explain the policy terms and conditions
  • Only recommend insurers who have strong financial ratings and stability
  • Help you establish what is a catastrophic risk to you and what is not
  • Assist with claims and mitigation

We have all seen and heard news articles about people who have been left homeless after their insurers have refused the claim, which highlights that simply having insurance is not enough, it has to be effective for you.