Children’s Homes


If you own or manage a children’s home, you will appreciate this is a major asset and therefore its protection will be critical to you. You will also be aware of the huge legal responsibilities you bear in relation to your staff, children in your care and the regulatory bodies including Ofsted, local authorities and HSE who will investigate and pursue you if something goes wrong.

There is a lot at stake for you and it is essential that the insurance cover you arrange is correct and provides you with the protection you expect when purchasing insurance. At Firth & Scott we have access to a range of insurers with policies specifically designed for the care sector, to include cover for abuse, medical errors and also provide ancillary support from industry professionals.

Key areas which need to be considered are

  • Are all of your businesses assets protected?
  • Are your Liability insurance limits enough?
  • Who would assist you in the event of a claim?
  • Is you Business Interruption cover correct?
  • Does your policy cover abuse?
  • Is your insurer financially secure and consistent?
  • Are your Directors and Officers protected?
  • Do you comply with the policy conditions?
  • Does your policy cover medical errors and omissions?

At Firth & Scott we will provide you with a personal service; you will be visited by your own Account Executive who will assess your requirements and then advise you on the various insurance products available to you, comparing their features and explaining their pros and cons.

An insurance policy is a complex legal contract and simply having one is no guarantee that you will survive a catastrophe.  Firth & Scott will make sure that you understand your insurance cover and ensure it will be effective if required.