Firth & Scott Insurance Brokers have NOT sold the business and are going from strength to strength!

Our sister company Firth & Scott Financial Services, announced recently in the press and also to their clients that they had been acquired by the Succession Group.

Firth & Scott Insurance Brokers and Firth & Scott Financial Services trade as two entirely separate limited companies under the same roof and Insurance Brokers will continue to trade on under the direction of Managing Director, Justin Hevness.

With Stevie Ridgley recently made a director and Steve Allwright as a fellow director we have a very strong business plan and directorship to push the company forward into the future.

We also have the national backing of the Broker Network with their £2.2bn premium income account support behind us to call on as needed.

If you have any concerns or would like to discuss the situation for clarification, then please do not hesitate to contact me on 0115 8400 339.

As a valued client of Firth & Scott (Financial Services) Ltd we are writing to let you know about some key changes to our business which will be taking place over the next few weeks. Over the last four years, we have invested heavily in improving our investment and financial planning services to clients, whilst also embracing the changes expected from us by our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority.

To help us achieve our own business objectives and challenges set in the FCA’s Retail Distribution Review (RDR), over the last four years we have been working closely with Succession Advisory Services, who are specialist financial services consultants. They work with over 60 financial planning firms across the UK.  In August 2012, Succession Group completed the acquisition of five of their member firms to form a new national wealth management practice called Succession Group, which is supported by an expert management team and strong financial backing.

This letter is to advise you that we have been acquired by Succession Group. We believe that together we will be better placed to continue to provide our clients with the high quality, financial planning and investment advice you expect through the Succession Group brand, which you will begin to see in our future communications with you.

Our commitment to providing you with long-term financial planning and expert wealth management advice through your existing adviser and our existing team remain unchanged. We believe that there will be significant long-term benefits for our clients by creating a business of national scale delivered personally at a local level.

If you would like to discuss any of these changes with me before your next review, please do call and I will be happy to help either over the telephone or by arranging an informal meeting at a time convenient to you.

Yours sincerely